Funakoshi Gichin

  • 1868    The only son of Gisho, Funakoshi Gichin was born the 10th of November, in the Yamakawa district of Okinawa’s-old castle capital city of Shuri.
  • 1879   Funakoshi Gichin started training at eleven years old under Azato & Itosu.
  • 1885    At 17 years old Funakoshi became a student at the Shihan Gakko
  • 1886   At age 18 Funakoshi Gichin became a substitute teacher at the Naha Jinjo Shogakko.
  • 1887   As a schoolteacher, Funakoshi accepts first full-time teaching position
  • 1890  According to Kojo Kame’s commentary (in the Nippon Budo Taikan vol #8), Funakoshi Gichin trained under Kojo Taite (1837-1917) for three months.
  • 1891   Funakoshi Gichin became a boarder at the residence of Azato Ankoh (Nippon BudoTaika) where he later studied Karatejutsu under him for two years, leaving only because he got married.Sometime after this he also learned under Itosu Ankoh, Matsumura Sokon & Aragaki Seisho.
  • 1893   Funakoshi Gichin married.
  • 1901   Funakoshi demonstrates Karatejutsu for Ogawa Shintaro, the commissioner of public schools.
  • 1906   Funakoshi Gichin organizes Karatejutsu Enbukai (demonstration group) in Okinawa. Funakoshi Gichin’s son, Yoshitaka (Giko), was born. Azato Ankoh, Funakoshi Gichin’s teacher, died.
  • 1909   Karatejutsu is officially introduced into Okinawa’s school system
  • 1912   Funakoshi instructs naval officers at Shuri Prefectural 1st Middle School for Admiral Dewa. Funakoshi Sensei became president of the Shobukai in Okinawa.
  • 1914   Funakoshi wrote 3-part article, entitled “The Martial Technique of Okinawa.”
  • 1915   Itosu Ankoh died.